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January 2021,  Schedule
Please Complete and Submit the Form Below
to Schedule
the Inspection and Repair of Your Shopsmith Headstock

Before you ship it, Remove the quill red handle and any accessory such as arbors from the headstock.

Do not Ship until you receive our confirmation email with your shipping date.
Please read our service and warranty agreement here

    Type in Your Phone number (required).

    10% Discount on rebuild for seniors and or veterans. Make your selection

    Type in your Repair Instructions Below. Tell me a about your Shopsmith current condition and what would you like me to fix.

    * Please Check the form again. Make sure you included your email and phone number. Did you add your State and Zip code? *

    Please print this page first,then click Send. Please include the printed page with the headstock in the shipping box.

    Please do not ship until you hear back from me. I will email you back the date and the ship to address. You can always call me with any questions at 505 349-3599. Thank you Alex.

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