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Shopsmith Mark V Repair Options

Type Of Service We Provide

A. Give Your Shopsmith Mark V a Tune-Up! Only $79.95

Does your Shopsmith Mark V need a little TLC? We offer comprehensive headstock tune-up services for all models and years, from the classics built in 1953 to the latest models available today.

  • Visual inspection of the headstock for any signs of wear or damage.
  • Mechanical inspection to ensure smooth operation.
  • Checking the condition of bearings and belts, crucial for optimal performance.
  • Adjusting the speed controller for precise control.
  • Cleaning and lubricating internal components to prevent future issues.
  • Cleaning and lubricating the motor to maintain peak efficiency.

We’ll also email you a detailed status report outlining our findings and recommendations.

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Note: If we discover any additional repairs necessary during the tune-up, we’ll always contact you for approval before proceeding.

shopsmith headstock Repair

B. Restore Your Shopsmith Mark V to Peak Performance!
Only $179.95 +

Is your Shopsmith Mark V feeling sluggish or worn down? We offer complete headstock rebuilds to bring your machine back to original factory specifications, regardless of its condition. Whether it’s seen heavy use or been sitting idle for years, our comprehensive rebuild service will revitalize your Shopsmith.

The headstock rebuild process includes the following:

  • Disassembly and Inspection: We meticulously disassemble your headstock, thoroughly inspecting each component for wear and tear.
  • Bearing Replacement: In most cases, worn bearings are replaced to ensure smooth operation.
  • Quill and Speed Controller Tune-Up: We adjust the quill return spring tension, inspect and replace speed controller parts as needed, and calibrate the speed dial for precise control.
  • Electrical Safety Checks: We inspect the electrical components, including the cable, plug, and motor ground, ensuring safe operation.
  • Motor and Drive System Maintenance: We clean and lubricate the motor, inspect and replace motor bearings if necessary, and check the drive sleeve assembly and belts for wear and replace them as needed.
  • Detailed Adjustments: We meticulously clean and adjust the eccentric bushing, idler shaft (replacing it if worn), control sheave assembly (replacing it if required), and quadrant assembly (replacing it if needed). We also check the long key and speed control handle, replacing them if necessary.
  • Performance Testing: We perform a comprehensive test run using 2×4 cutting and disc sanding to ensure optimal performance.
  • Cleaning and Reporting: Your Shopsmith will be thoroughly cleaned and lubricated inside and out. We’ll also email you a detailed status report with pictures documenting the rebuild process.
    Ready to breathe new life into your Shopsmith Mark V? Call us today at 505-349-3599 to schedule your rebuild or discuss your needs.
Shopsmith Headstock inside
Shopsmith Motor Parts

Shopsmith Headstock Rebuild Process Overview

Step 1.  The rebuild process start with dismantling the headstock completely. Starting with the quill, then the main drive assembly, the sheave pulleys, the speed controller, the belts and all the other parts as shown in the pictures above.

For additional info. on the electric motor rebuild process and cost click here

Step 2.  All the parts go in a parts washer and cleaned thoroughly. Then each part get inspected for any damage or if it is found to be out of specs. it will be replaced with a genuine Shopsmith part. We only replace parts that must be replaced.

Step 3.  Once all the parts inspection is complete, the headstock will then be re assembled. In the this step all adjustments and calibrations take place. When completed, a detailed testing of the unit operation get started including : speed controller operation test, quill spring tension and movement test,  belts slipping test under different load conditions such as cutting and disk sanding. Temperature of the main drive bearings test and finally an  electric volt/amp power test. See the headstock rebuild process check list above for a complete overview of items checked and replaced.



Shopsmith headstock Repair

Hi Alex,

A week ago I received back the ShopSmith power head that you rebuilt. I’ve been using the machine in my shop about ten hours since receiving it and it runs just great. I can certainly testify that YOU are the ShopSmith Whisperer for these machines! It was a pleasure to do business with someone like you who offers great service on these old machines at a reasonable price. I will be passing your name on to the person I purchased the unit from that you rebuilt as he has two more in his shop and may need service someday. Also, you will be seeing my second ShopSmith sometime this fall for service. I’m glad to have found your services online and wouldn’t dream of having someone else work on my machines. Thank you for your hard work and outstanding services.

Barry M.
Cambridge Ct. Grafton, WI 53024

Barry M

Shopsmith Repair Feedback

Hi Alex,

Received my headstock the other day. Reinstalled it and was very pleased with how quiet and smooth it ran. Looks like I will probably get another 60 years from it. Beats buying a new one.
Thanks again.

Mike C.
Shopsmith Repair

More Shopsmith Repair = More Friends

Ed and his wife drove from Missouri in their way to visit his Vietnam veteran friend in CA. He stopped by the shop to pickup his Shopsmith 50th anniversary model that I repaired for him. I love the stories and the friends I am making through Shopsmith.



Received my unit on Wednesday of last week and am very pleased with your work. The unit just purrs like a sewing machine.  Further I would like to say what a pleasure it was dealing with you.  You took time to answer my questions and were extremely courteous and helpful.  Taking time that others would not have bothered to do.

I will recommend  your service to any Shopsmith owner without reservation and thank you again for your work and help. I could not get your testimonial form to open so I hope this will do.


Subject: New life

My Shopsmith is a 1955 model that sat unused in the garage for the last 25 years. It was essentially dead. Alex brought it back to life and now it works as good as new. At least I assume it’s as good as new – when it was new I was 9 years old and a little scared of it so only had secondhand experience then from watching my dad. He got a lot of enjoyment from his Shopsmith and I did too in the 70s and 80s. Now I can look forward to using it again. Alex was great to deal with and I am very pleased with the whole process.

Leon H.

Hi Alex,
I received my headstock back today, it runs great! It was a pleasure working with you. Professional, quality work, fast turn around and reasonable cost. Thank you very much.

Jim B.
Shopsmith Headstock

I am so pleased with the way it runs.
Alix, set my shopsmith up today. I am so pleased with the way it runs. Cut and ran like a knew one. Speed control works great. I my glad I chose you to work on it. If someone needs there worked on, I suggest you send it to Alix. Thanks, Hilton F.

Ben S.
alex shopsmith headstock

Looks great and runs great!
Hi Alex, received my headstock and installed it yesterday, looks great and runs great.
Thanks for a great job ….

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Few Free inspection slots left for the July schedule. No pre-payment or credit card is required.