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Shopsmith DIY Assisted Repair Service



Get Your Shopsmith Up and Running Yourself with DIY Support!

Need help fixing your Shopsmith but want to avoid expensive repairs and shipping costs? Our DIY Assisted Repair Service is here to guide you through the process!

How it Works:

  • Talk to our experts: Get step-by-step instructions over the phone to tackle your Shopsmith repair yourself. Save an average of over $500 compared to sending it in!
  • Flexible options: Choose from:
    • 24-Hour Support: Ask unlimited questions via email or phone calls for a full day to troubleshoot and solve your problem.
    • 1-Hour Session: Get focused guidance with a dedicated technician for 60 minutes ($79.95).
  • Personalized assistance: We tailor our support to your specific situation and answer all your questions, whether you contact us in separate calls or all at once.
  • No hidden fees: There’s no risk! If your repair requires our hands-on expertise, we’ll apply the DIY service cost towards the final repair cost.

Examples: Replacing drive belt, replacing speed controller, Replacing switch etc.

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Sorry we are Booked May-June. Few Free inspection slots left for the July schedule. No pre-payment or credit card is required.