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Shopsmith DIY Assisted Repair Service



Shopsmith DIY Assisted Repair Service is designed to be a step by step over the phone instructions to help you repair your Shopsmith yourself without the need to send it to us for repair. This will save you over $500 in repair and shipping costs. If the problem is such that you have to send us your machine for repair, then we will apply the cost of the service toward the final repair cost. There is nothing to lose. You can ask as many question via email or phone calls for one day or 24 hours. The service price is $79.95 per day. You can ask your questions all at same time via email or over several calls on the same day. The choice is yours.

Examples: Replacing drive belt, Replacing speed controller, Replacing switch etc.

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Happy Holidays. Sorry We are Booked.  Schedule Now For January 2024 .  No pre payment or credit card is required.